Have you got a bottle of wine with a cork you’re saving for a special occasion and want to check it’s still okay to drink?

Do you want to drink a glass of wine without worrying about finishing the whole bottle?

Have you heard about Coravin?

Coravin is a state of the art wine extraction system that allows us to pour world-class wines without removing the cork.

The Coravin features a surgical steel needle that is inserted through the cork. Argon gas goes in, wine comes out leaving a barrier between the oxygen and the wine. Pour how much you want to drink, remove the needle and viola, keep your bottle safe, fresh and delicious until you’re ready for another glass.

Head into Biviano’s Italian Restaurant in Dural and enjoy your first glass of wine with the cork still in the bottle. From a 2013 Rockford Basket Press to a Yulamba Cabernet Sauvignon. The tasting notes will help you decide on which wine will compliment your choice of food perfectly and allow you to try a delicious drop you otherwise may not have…