An Ideal Combination

Biviano's Dural BYOResisting temptation occasion after occasion, year after year and finally the perfect day comes to drink the exceptional wine that you have been cherishing. A wine that is to be experienced and relished in a superb atmosphere with the ideal food and the most attentive service.

Biviano’s, the perfect venue for just that wine… We understand the feelings behind each individual wine that needs a perfectly complementing experience.

BYO wine $4.00 per glass corkage.

Sweet & Sticky

No room left for dessert?  Sweet tooth has you wanting something to finish the meal?  Dessert wines should be enjoyed in sips and treasured like a precious scotch.  From a decadent, delicious tawny to a sweet and sparkling moscato d’asti, there are hundreds of dessert wines on the market so what is it?  This might help you to break down those decisions a bit:

Cremé Caramel with Penfolds Grandfather TawnyIce Wine

As the name suggests, ice wines are literally made from frozen grapes.  At temperatures lower than -7 degrees, some of the water in the grape freezes leaving the sugars and solids to dissolve in the remaining juice.  When the grapes are pressed, a more concentrated juice results allowing a crisp, sweet wine with balanced acidity.  Very popular from Germany and Canada but also made in wine making regions around the world including US, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and Italy.

Noble Rot

Also known as a botrytis wine, grapes that produce this type of dessert wine have a mould growing over them which sucks the water from the grapes and imparts succulent flavours of honey and apricot for the future wine.  Probably created the first time by accident, the rot needs specific conditions to grow to prevent the next level called grey rot which can take over and render the grapes unusable.

Pedro Ximénez

Also known as PX, this incredible wine is widely produced in Spain.  Most famously from Montilla-Moriles where it is used to create a varietal wine – an intensely sweet, dark dessert sherry intensified from the grapes being laid in the sun to evaporate the water and leave a concentration of juice.  Flavours of raisins and molasses overpower and make for an ideal thick and sweet after dinner drink.

Give one a go next time you’re out – you won’t regret it!