Won’t you join me for a drink?

Choosing a drink to go with your meal can be strenuous, often being based on your mood or perhaps your having a cheat day and don’t mind sneaking an extra glass of wine.

Well here’s a few things that might make the decision making process a little easier. Starting off with:

Sparkling wine will help to build your appetite, enjoy with your starters or perhaps an antipasto plate.

White wine compliments chicken, pork, seafood and is perfect for cutting through a creamy sauce.

In comparison to white wines, an exquisite shiraz or cabernet sauvignon is the perfect accompaniment to a delicious meal of steak, venison, lamb or veal and top it off with a light jus*.

Beers and ciders compliment spicy food enhancing the flavor of the spice rather then making you feel the actual burn. So next time you add chili opt for the apple, pear or strawberry and lime cider to enhance the flavor!

Fun fact: Amazingly, there are people around the world who hate wine and there’s even a name for it, it is called “oenophobia”.

*jus, according to dictionary.com: noun, French. Juice: gravy. Said ‘joo’