Spritz for days

Love a Spritz? So do we!

One of Italy’s favourite drinks, it became a world favourite. Easy to make and easy to drink both with a meal or unaccomaniped on a hot day. This refreshing beverage has a tendancy to relive the stresses of the day leaving you feel renewed.

Although loved by many, an article in The New York Times called it “a Capri Sun after soccer practice on a hot day. Not in a good way.” This article made people come forward in droves to defend the liquid goodness.

‘Spritz’ traces back to the 1800’s when people in residence in Veneto found Italian wine too much for their palates. In an attempt to make the wine more to their liking they added things to making it more palatable. It all started with a spash of water, ultimatley evolving to the cocktail we know and love.