Pasta Appreciation…

Pasta Appreciation

Coming into the colder months brings cravings of comfort food and what is more comforting than a delicous bowl of pasta…

Our menu hosts an array of pasta choices including a few more traditional choices as well as a few of our own recipes, secret ingredients included…

Pictured here is the:

Chorizo Spaghetti, Onion, Sun-dried  Tomato, Capers, Olives, Chili, Spinach, Napolitano

Pumpkin Ravioli, Burnt Butter, Sage, Crushed Amaretti

Salmon Penne and Vodka, Shallots, Vodka Cream Sauce

Prawn Fetticuni, Bacons, Snow Peas, Shallots, Napolitano

Pop in and enjoy a delicious pasta today! #yum